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i heard him say, then i'm gonna kill your dog. >> and then the robber made good on that threat. how the attempted robbery that started innocuously ended in tragedy. you see it in san francisco. the north bay. and the south bay. the next bay area region ready to join in on the plastic bag ban. a question everyone in america wants to know. what lawmakers in washington are doing to try to avoid the fiscal cliff. good evening. i'm ann notarangelo. a san francisco woman traumatized after being robbed on the street. she was not injured. and the thief only got a few dollars. but patrick shows us what he took from her was much more valuable than money. >> i heard him say, then i'm going to kill your dog. >> pekingese, 12 years old. sweetest thing ever. >> reporter: she asked not to
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be named. this woman was robbed yesterday, not only of money, but her best friend roxy, who she loved most on this earth. >> she was my best friend. >> reporter: she had lost her phone in her car, so she parked to look for it at leavenworth and golden gate when a man approached her. >> he said, give me all your money. >> reporter: he then went through her pockets and found only $5. and roxy started barking. >> he said, i'm going to kill your dog. and he grabbed roxy. all of a sudden i see her fly towards traffic. he threw her towards oncoming traffic. >> reporter: roxy was rushed to er but it was too late. >> she was pretty bad. so i had to put her down. >> reporter: michael saw the whole thing. >> he took her dog and lifted
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it over his head and hurled it into traffic. >> reporter: this woman's heart is broken. >> i can't sleep. i can't close my eyes, because the second i do, i see everything in my head again. >> reporter: if anyone has any information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person who killed roxy, there is a $1,000 reward. reporting from san francisco, cbs 5. new details tonight about the murder of a high- profile millionaire in his south bay home. police have announced the arrest of three more suspects. raveesh kumra was killed during a home invasion on november 30 in monte sereno. in the past few days, three men have been questioned, arrested and charged with homicide. police have released their names but will not release any more information. earlier this month, 22-year-old raven dixon was arrested in the case, charged with being an accessory to a homicide with a gang enhancement. there's a vigil tonight in walnut creek for a young man
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shot and killed by police earlier this week. the vigil was held outside the hair salon where anthony banta jr. worked. police say he was armed with a nice and that they were forced to shoot him. friends and family say banta was a gentle person who must have suffered some kind of breakdown. >> we just don't understand how somebody could have taken his life. i'm sure that something happened, but how somebody could take -- he's small in stature, 5-foot-4, 130 pounds. how threatening is that? >> family members say police have not shared any information with them about banta's death. the officers involved in the shooting are on paid administrative leave. more than three dozen people are homeless after a fire ripped through the mission district. it broke out on 23rd street,
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then quickly spread to nearby buildings on capp street. firefighters worked for almost two hours to contain it. five multiunit buildings were involved. investigators believe at least three buildings are a total loss. some teem said their neighbors saved their lives by waking them up. firefighters say it could have been worse if the fire erupted in the middle of the night. >> i believe this fire was going pretty good in the back before anybody reported it or saw it. that's why so many buildings got involved. >> no one was hurt in the fire. investigators are still trying to figure out the cause. well, shoppers in alameda county, get ready for this message. byob, bring your own bag. starting tuesday, grocery stores will not be allowed to hand out plastic bags. elisa is in berkeley. >> reporter: just a couple of days and you won't be able to find plastic bags like these in
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grocery stores in alameda county. these can be harmful to the environment, so instead, come january 1, people will be asked to bring their own bags or pay for one. alameda county, say good-bye to plastic bags and hello to reusable ones. starting january 1, one-time use plastic bags will no longer be allowed at checkout. instead, customers must bring a bag of their own or pay a minimum of 10 cents for a recycled paper one. the alameda county reusable bag ordinance continued the ordinance. a plastic bag takes hundreds of years to break down. they're a threat to marine life, one of the most common items found littered throughout the streets. >> it may be an inconvenience to the customer, but there's a difference between inconvenience and, i mean, what works for the rest of the world and the planet.
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>> reporter: bag bans are gaining in popularity. similar ordinances are already in in effect in los angeles, san mateo and san francisco. jeff was shopping at a safeway in berkeley tonight. his best advice... >> probably not that big of a deal. just gotta remember to bring a regular bag. >> reporter: this bag ban is for any business that sells packaged food. that includes grocery stores, liquor stores and pharmacies. well, a new state law that goes into effect tuesday worries people concerned about distracted driving. the law will allow drives to send text messages as long as they use technology that is fully voice operated and hands- free. supporters of the new law say it's better than having drivers type while they're driving. but opponents say that hands- free texting still draws attention away from the road. among other laws that will
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go into effect january 1, carbon monoxide detectors must be put into operation. breastfeeding will be added to protected conditions that prevent discrimination in employment or housing. and school officials must report child sexual abuse. it is already sunday morning in washington, where there's still no word of a fiscal cliff deal. senate leaders are trying to hammer out an 11th hour compromise to save all americans from the tax hike. tara shows us the deal they're considering only kicks the can down the road. again. >> reporter: senate republican leader mitch mcconnell left the capitol tight-lipped but smiling after working behind closed doors to avoid the so- called fiscal cliff. he and majority leader harry reid are working on a scaled-
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down agreement that focuses on avoiding a middle class tax hike. the plan is to prevent it to the full senate for a vote on sunday, then send it over to the house. house speaker john boehner was also at the capitol but left with no comment. both sides remain at odds over the democrats' insistence that the wealthy pay more in taxes. >> the president's tax hike would only fund the government for eight days. americans deserve to know, what does the president propose we do for the other 357 days of the year? >> reporter: president obama insists his plan on the table is fair. and it includes plenty of cuts to government spending. >> we just can't afford a politically self-inflicted wound to our economy. >> reporter: if sunday's negotiations don't pan out, the president says he's ready to propose his own scaled-back tax bill that would block tax increases for all but the wealthy and preserve expiring unemployment benefits. >> for those of us who invest
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in the stock market, it's disgusting to watch them jockey around with our money. >> reporter: missing in all the last-minute negotiations is talk of the $1.2 trillion of mandatory spending cuts scheduled to go into effect tuesday. cbs news, washington. >> if the government does go over the cliff, the impact on the aviation industry could be disastrous and it could have a domino effect on the economy. the transportation security administration could lose about 7% of its budget and more than 7,000 security officers. airline safety would not be affected, but passengers could face longer waits at security. the faa could also see its budget cut and lose thousands of air traffic controllers. >> everybody's pocketbook and livelihood is tied to the aviation system. so the impact of the aviation system not being able to provide the service that they do today would be devastating.
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california's water worries are easing. just how much of an impact the recent storms have made on our water supply. plus, a puppy gets a new lease on life. he was found shivering in a trash can. clear and cold. here's a look over the bay. plus, a check on your seven-day forecast, coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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intensive care. hospitaliz former president george h.w. bush is out of intensive care. mr. bush, who is 88, was hospitalized with bronchitis last month in houston. he was moved into intensive care december 23 after he developed a fever. doctors say his condition is improving and he was moved to a regular hospital room today. they say he is in good spirits. well, our recent winter storms have washed away many of our memories of last year's very dry season. but for those keeping track, the storms have concerns we could be headed for another drought. >> reporter: snow fell again today in california's mountains, the latest in a string of storms. >> if this particular trend continues, we'll be looking at excess water rather than a water shortage. >> reporter: meteorologist paul
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deanno says the mounting snow pack, already 146% higher than normal, means the state's reservoirs will be in good supply. >> it's almost like putting water in a bank and then saving it for summertime, when we get virtually no rainfall. >> my gut feeling is this is going to be a good year for us. >> reporter: john is a water manager in southern california, where part of l.a.'s water supply, is already 90% full. >> we've got water lapping over the road right now. in a bad year, what do you see? >> you just see barren dirt. dry dirt, when the water level goes down. >> reporter: the difference between wet and dry years can be dramatic, and until recently, long-range forecasts suggested the storms would miss california again this winter. >> frankly, we did not see this coming. the predictions initially were for dryer-than-normal conditions. the exact opposite has happened so far. >> reporter: with weather being temperamental, california needs to collect all the water it can. >> the more you can keep the
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reservoirs up, the better off you are. >> reporter: californians are taking advantage in every pay possible. no rain in the bay area today. but guess what? elizabeth does have some in her forecast. >> i've been keeping an umbrella permanently in my purse. snow up in the sierra. but now, our hi-def doppler, taking break. so here's a live look. over the bay, you can see the bay bridge. the big store tonight, overnight, these temperatures. it is already cold. if you stepped outside, you know what i'm talking about. 39 in concord. 48 in san francisco, one of our warmer spots. and santa rosa, 40 degrees. overnight tonight, with all the clearing, that's what's going to keep temperatures on the cool side. we're going to see below freezing, especially in the north bay. our east bay interior valleys, that's where it's going to feel
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the coldest. tomorrow, we're going to see kind of a similar story to what we saw today. temperatures are going to be slightly below average for this time of year, for the end of december. not a whole lot. maybe 5 degrees. but it will still be chilly. mainly in the low 50's. we could see upper 40's as well, your highest for tomorrow. so yeah. cold day on tap. satellite showing the rain is holding off for know. the low pressure continues to move farther south. some rain earlier today to monterey county. but for us, pretty much saying dry, at least for the next 24 hours. monday afternoon, evening, that's when things start to get a little unsettled. we are keeping that chance of rain in the forecast. if we have -- have any at all new year's eve, it shouldn't be much. new year's day, we'll have mostly sunny skies. overnight tonight, cold, 30.
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in livermore, 32. only 30 degrees in santa rosa and 39 if you're out in oakland. once again, tomorrow we're seeing a lot of 50's. but only 49 is your high in livermore. 54 in vallejo and 50 in san francisco and redwood city. if you're doing any traveling -- we know a lot of folks are heading out of town for the holidays. right now, northern california looks pretty dry. no chain requirements on interstate 80 or highway 50. yosemite could get hit with snow with only a high of 39 there. otherwise sacramento, a high of 51. we are keeping that chance of rain in the forecast on monday. once again, if you've got new year's eve plans, it shouldn't be bad. if we get any rain at all, it will be light. and then on tuesday, it looks clear, mostly sunny skies. wednesday night, into thursday morning, once again we're looking at a little bit of unsettled weather. we could get wet once again
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friday night into saturday morning. i'll show you the forecast from fireworks. new year's eve, partly cloudy and cool. by midnight, 48 degrees in san francisco. but right now, it looks like it's going to be a pretty good viewing weather. if this little puppy right here could talk, she'd tell you her story is nothing short of a christmas miracle. meet eve, a five-pound chihuahua mix. eve is getting a new lease on life after a 16-year-old girl rescued her from a trash can on christmas eve in southern california. she doesn't know why anyone would have dumped this adorable puppy in the trash. but she knew she had to take eve home. >> i was surprised somebody could get rid of her. i was kind of sad, because it was really cold. she was shivering. >> she couldn't keep the puppy, since pets are not allowed at the apartment complex where she lives. eve is now at an animal shelter, and she will be up for
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adoption in a few weeks. if only we could bottle that energy in that tail! >> cute, cute! a lot going on. we've got basketball, football. it's that time of year. the lady cardinals had their hands full with uconn. battle of the two top teams. and the warriors are for real! all the action, coming up in sports. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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jumped on the warriors band wagon,, what are you waiting for. ? these guys are the rl deal.. if you haven't jumped on the warriors bandwagon, what are you waiting for? these guys are the real deal. they picked up win no. 20 last night.
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the first time they reached 20 wins in a season. warriors hosted celtics. and ragen rondo nursing a sore hip. rookie harrison barnes, 10 of his 15 in the first quarter. third quarter, seth curry well behind the three-point arc. one of his three-pointers on the night. 22 points for seth. clay thompson, getting in on the action. defensive, thompson also getting it done on paul pierce. get it out of there. celtics looking old and frustrated tonight in oakland. celtics cut the lead to nine. but jarrett jack made sure there was no repeat of the laker game a week ago. he had 12 in the 4th. ragen rondo can only look on. warriors beat the celtics, 101-
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83. the top two teams in women's college basketball squared off today. stanford hosted uconn. the lady huskies had never won at stanford. maples is the sight for this one. stanford up 2-0. a really rough day for the lady cardinals all the way around. they could not find the bucket. they shot 19% on the afternoon. second half, chiney ogwumike comes up with the steal. nice move behind the back. but she cannot get the lay-up. she had 18 points, just 6-of-22 from the field. uconn was led by this woman right here, kaleena mosqueda- lewis. she had a game-high 19 points. stanford's winning streak snapped. their first loss of the year. uconn blows out the cardinals, 61-35. >> it was a bad day. i mean, we just -- you know,
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whatever we were trying to do, we really struggled with it. >> for us to win a game here in late december, it's no more than just a big win against a really good team. i'm not going to get that excited about beating somebody whose won 82 in a row at home. i just like the fact that when we needed to make a three, we made one. >> it's a lot of fuel to the fire. we've had a rough preseason. i think that game, connecticut team we played against, was the standard. and the great thing is that now we've appearanced the standard. on the men's side, harvard beat the bears. and the stanford men got in the win column with a win. stanford is now 9-and-4. more sports on the way. how about some football and the broncos of santa clara? they take on the mighty duke blue devils.
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the tough task of going to durham to play duke, the top team in the county.. the broncos were riding a 6 gamn st santa clara had a tough task of going to durham to play duke, the top team in the country. the broncos put their 11-and-2 record to the test. coach k and duke, a perfect 11- and-0 at home. kevin foster pulled up on the
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fast break. 29 points for foster. in the second half, duke took over. on the fast-break, the feed to curry, who bangs in another three-pointer. all right. there was a game at at&t park, but there were no runs, no stolen bases. the diamond was turned into a football field for the annual hunger bowl. arizona state took on navy. there he is, senator john mccain on the flip. it was all asu all day long. sun devils keep the heat on. it's taylor to ross. the two hooked up three times for touchdowns. arizona state clobbers navy. 62-28, the final. longhorns, actual ones, they are huge. smelly too. at the alamo bowl, the beavers had a 10-point lead in the second half.
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but texas scored 14 unanswered, taking the lead. texas in a close one over osu, 31-27. more football. syracuse and west virginia. prince goes 67 yards and literally was dashing through the snow. i don't think it bothered him, though. maybe my singing bothered him. he finished with 215 yards. syracuse wins it 38-14. for all you starving hockey fans, this is for you. check out the nifty shookout goal in austria. he throws the goalie and just pops it in the net. great stick work. tomorrow you can watch the raiders' season finale. terrelle pryor gets the call at quarterback against the chargers. and immediately following the game is, of course, the fifth quarter. that's sports. we'll be right back.
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diapers? this toddler has been hitti the slopes in canada, buildg hi who says you can't snowboard and still be in diapers? this toddler has been sitting the slopes in canada, building his skills and a fan base. pacifier and all. yes. here it comes. he's only 18 months old. and he's a bit too young for the 2014 winter olympics but his family is no doubt quite proud already. he already snowboards better than i do. i'm hoping i can take him on
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skis, but i'm not quite sure. isn't that amazing? >> great. >> all right. so tomorrow, raiders get a new quarterback? >> terrelle pryor. we'll see what happens. it will be fun to see him. a lot of raider fans want to see what he can do. >> all right. and he will be playing in? >> tomorrow is partly cloudy. you can put away the umbrellas one more day. quickly, the next couple of days, rain possible on monday. light rain. >> keep that umbrella handy. >> thanks for watching. we'll see you back here tomorrow at 5:30. ,,,,,,,,
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thanks, mom. this is a perfect first job for him. first job? i think you're looking at a birth of a career. but i didn't trust him with a staple gun. how much are you paying him? for the record, i promised him $20 and a playboy magazine. playboy? don't worry. i'll magic-marker over the ta-tas and hoo-hoos. oh, that's disturbing on so many levels. (ice cream truck playing music) you mean a different monkey.

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